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Medical Alert Systems – What They Are and How They Work

Portrait of smiling senior couple by house 89794602Medical alert systems may seem like a new idea to you, but they’ve actually been around for about 40 years now. Since the time that now-seniors were starting and raising their families, medical alarms have grown abundantly and begun providing all kinds of features for seniors in need. These devices have saved lives and preserved health by helping seniors get the emergency attendance they need immediately rather than hours after they needed it. It is partly because of the creation of the medical alert system that we as a people live to be as old as we do, as we’re better able to sustain life. With life being preserved by technological advances, seniors everywhere are able to live free, independent lives rather than being stuck in nursing homes, spending their last days in isolation and playing cards with other seniors who can’t remember their names.

What They Are

These medical systems, made primarily for seniors, are a way of keeping them in direct contact with someone who can help them. The way this is accomplished is with three mechanisms: a monitoring service, a base unit, and a pendant. The first piece of the system, the monitoring service, is a group of professionals from a medical alarm company who are at a central monitoring station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to calls from seniors’ homes. Then we have the second piece, the base unit. This piece is the go-between for the monitoring service and the senior; it’s what allows them to communicate with each other. It may be connected with a landline or with a cellular connection. Lastly, the pendant has a button on it that is referred to the Help button. This is the device used to alert the monitoring service that the senior has an emergency, and as such, it is kept somewhere on their person, either on their wrist as a bracelet, around their neck as a necklace, at their belt with a clip, or in their pocket.

How They Work

How they work is quite simple. Whenever there is a medical emergency for the senior, he or she can press the Help button on the pendant (wherever it is on their person). The button, which is wirelessly connected to the base unit, communicates the distress signal to the base unit, which communicates the distress signal further to the monitoring service. The service provider who receives the alert will contact the base unit directly, asking the senior for information on their situation. A lack of response or indication of serious medical need will necessitate a call to get emergency medical professionals to the home as soon as possible. Senior Woman on Ambulance Stretcher 177100358Then, emergency professionals will come to the rescue and care for the senior in trouble. It’s as simple as that – when there’s a problem, just press the button and the monitoring service will send someone your way to help you. If you’re incapacitated or unable to respond, there are also devices in some medical alert systems that will recognize a fall and automatically call the monitoring service for you so that you’re taken care of when you’re nonresponsive.

A medical alert system is a great idea for seniors who are living alone or who have health problems but don’t yet need to be in a nursing home. They grant them the health monitoring as well as the independence they need as human beings. If you would like a medical alert system for your home or would like to be contacted by a home security professional and provided with a medical alarm, fill out the form on the side of the page. You can also call 866-565-4305 to contact a professional on the matter yourself.